Wednesday, November 2, 2011

9" Sugared Gingerbread Man

$8.00 FREE first class shipping.
These 9" gingerbread are handmade by me. He is coated with a cinnamon mixture then baked and coated again with faux sugar. His eyes and buttons are real raisins. Around his neck is a cranberry homespun scarf.

Primitive Mitten

$7.50 FREE first class shipping
NOTE* These are NOT stuffed with fiberfill.
I am offering these 10"x4" mittens made from warm & natural then stuffed with greenery and berries. It hangs by grungy homespun and is sprinkled with vintage mica flakes.

Primitive Gingerbread Man

ONE 5 1/2" gingerbread man. HANDMADE by me using warm & natural. NOTE* These are NOT stuffed and homespun scarves may vary.
Each one has on a grungy homespun scarf with a rusty bell.
$3.00 FREE first class shipping